Adroitt Eye Consultants is an eye care hospital based in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu , spread over 11000 sq ft of space started by Dr. Sreejith R. S. (MBBS, MS, FRCS( Glasgow) , FICO) and Dr. Shiwali S. Ganeshpuri ( MBBS, DO, FLVPEI, FICO). It started functioning from april 1st 2014 . It was concieved to increase system efficiency, reduce errors and standardise patient care across ranges of staff skills and competencies. The one of its kind concept provides an enhanced patient experience, increased speed, safety and transparency in eye care and all this while being environmentally responsible.

The hospital is completely computerised with an advanced Hospital Management Software (HMS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). It is also having a online patient portal for anytime ,anywhere access of medical data by patients.

Facilities available (structure)

  • Large waiting hall with 100 seating capacity.
  • Optometry workup rooms – 2 nos.
  • Doctors consulting rooms – 3 nos.
  • Patient ward – 2 nos with 2 beds in each.
  • 1000 sq ft opticals.
  • Large hall for screening camps – 300 pax capacity.
  • Operation theatre.
  • Rooms for administrative use.

Facilities Available (opd/surgical)

  • Comprehensive eye examination, refraction , opticals.
  • Cataract surgeries:
    • Phacoemulsification with regular, toric, multifocal IOLs.
    • suture-less and injection-less cataract surgery.
  • Pterygium surgery (sutureless)
  • Glaucoma evaluation, glaucoma surgeries (trabaculectomy, trab with MMC)
  • Corneal transplantation (Keratoplasty)
  • Cosmetic eye surgeries
    • Evisceration with implant.
    • BOTOX injection for blephrospasm/
  • All types of contact lenses.

Equipments list

  • NIDEK – autorefractometer
  • NIDEK– non contact tonometer
  • Auto-lensometer with UV Detection
  • JINGLIAN – Autoedger
  • Slitlamp chair units
  • Indrect ophthaslmoscope
  • Applanation tonometer
  • Gonioscope
  • SONOMED A-scan
  • SONOMEDPachymeter
  • LED surgical microscope with BIOM compatibility
  • ALCON LAUREATE Phaco Machine
  • Automated OT Table
  • Vertical Autoclave

In our efforts to promote green thinking and dependence on renewable energy resources the hospital functions entirely on SOLAR ENERGY. Usage of software has reduced wastage of paper and increses transparency in patient records. Especially ordered computers and printers with very low energy consumption furthers our promise of being safe for the environment.